Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

Hey, hope y'all had a great NYE! 2015 was a craptastic year for me on the personal front, so I'm hoping this year doesn't mess around with me too much. I'm not making any resolutions because who in the history of the multiverse has actually managed to stick to them for longer than a week? However, I do plan on breaking out of my shell a little and be more outgoing and social. Ugh. Just the thought of that makes me cringe. 

Aniweiz, I've been obsessed with stuff from The Souled Store. Fo realz. Brilliant designs, great quality and fit. You can tell from their artwork that they're a passionate, geeky bunch. I love the print on this tee. It's got Remus, James, Sirius and Peter in Animagus form with `The Marauders' written below. So cool I can't even. To finish the look, I picked a cute little tote bag with a grumpy looking Sorting Hat on it to go with the whole Harry Potter feel. Hope you like! 

P. S. My blog will be turning one soon and to celebrate I'll be hosting my first ever giveaway on Instagram where one lucky winner gets a goodie bag filled with bits and bobs of things that I really love. Stay tuned! :) 

The Souled Store 'The Marauders' Tee

The Souled Store 'Sorted' Bag

Topshop Jeans

Koovs Sneakers and Glasses