Don't Panic!

I've been feeling a tad anxious the past few days and I'm unsure of the cause. Maybe it's because I can't find my towel.  Or maybe it's just one of those weeks  where you wanna crawl into bed and question the meaning of life, the universe and everything while eating a bowl of Maggi and some chips.

Anyway, here are some  pics of me prancing around Goa in a pretty lace dress that screams Summer. I wasn't really planning on doing a look for the blog that day, but  I just had to stop and take pics when I stumbled upon an old Portuguese building whose walls exactly matched the color of my dress.  I love how the pics turned out!

Forever 21 Dress

Zara belt

Michael Kors Watch

Chanel  2.55 Quilted Lambskin Medium Classic Flap

Sandals from one of the flea markets in Goa

Mirrored Glasses from Colaba Causeway