Night-time hair routine

As the year nears its end, the transition from lovely fall weather to what we Mumbaikars call our ‘winter’, has begun. Which also means that it’s time to switch up my hair and skincare routine. These last few months have left my skin and especially hair feeling extremely dry. But luckily, this time around I’ve already found a safe bet when it comes to protecting my hair from the dry winter winds. If you’re in the same boat as me and are interested in knowing a few tricks that could help you keep your tresses healthy and bouncy this winter—keep scrolling!


Oil should be to your hair, what it is to the USA, priority numero uno. You can use any oil, just make sure that you give your hair and scalp a nice deep massage every week. I prefer using good ol’ coconut oil, which I warm up a little before application. I let it sit in my hair for a minimum of 50 minutes before moving on to wash it off.


Normally I need to keep switching up my shampoo and conditioner because what works for one problem leaves the others neglected. Since evolution made sure trial and error is the way of this tragic human life, I have persisted and my search finally came to an end when I made the switch to the TRESemmé Botanique range. The shampoo followed by the conditioner leaves my hair feeling like it belongs to someone who has never known what dust and pollution is. And whose body vitamins and mineral ratios have been balanced since they were a fetus. Plus, the fact that it has no added parabens or dyes makes it a big win-win too. All in all, every time I come out of the shower, it’s a wonderful feeling and don’t we all deserve that?


No routine is complete without a final finishing touch and for me that is a good trusty serum. You can choose your serum depending on the day and occasion. I usually go for an anti frizz + smoothening serum since my hair tends to get a bit dry in this weather.


Test and try new things to find what works for you. Focus on eating healthy and pamper your hair before it sends out an SOS. It is called your crowning glory for a reason, treat it that way!