All About You

Here's a little video I wanted to share with you guys this Women's Day. It's an endeavour taken up by Myntra's 'All About You' by Deepika Padukone team encouraging women to be unafraid of speaking their minds and to dress in any manner they like. My own personal style varies depending on my mood that day but I often stick to monochrome and neutral shades with hints of grunge on most days. Don't forget to join in the conversation on YouTube using the hashtag #AllAboutYourStyle. Happy Women's Day! Xx

Women are expected to abide by certain norms of society, be it in their professional or personal lives. We explore the sentiments of everyday women and their style mantra, whether to conform or break the rules. Share your views and join the conversation using #AllAboutYourStyle. This Women's Week, it's All About You!